Prices, Awards & Festivals

Nomination for the Master Circus Awards ( Best Male Artist ) Russia, Sotchi , july 2016
Audience Prize, Silver Trophy and Circus Club Magazine at the 14 International
Circus Festival in les Mureaux ( France, february 2015 )
Bronze Trophy at the first Internatioanl Circus Festival of Loir et Cher (France, april 2013)
Silver Trophy at the International Circus Festival of Lyon (France, october 2011)
Bronze Trophy at the International Circus Festival of Nice (France, april 2011)
1st Prize of 8th Festival of Visual and Comic (France, january 2010)
Loyal de Bronze, 3th international circus festival of Bayeux (France, march 2009)
The Louis Merlin Trophy & the Monegasque Friends of the circus award,
33th international circus festival of Monte-Carlo (Monaco, january 2009)
Silver Bear, first international festival of the Izhevesk circus (Russia, 2008)
Special prize of Saint-Petersburg circus (Russia, february 2008)
Circus award 2007: best aerial performance (England)
First ‘Piste de Cristal’ and Prize ‘Brittany circus’
15th International festival of the Massy circus (France, february 2007)
Prize of the town of Liege, European festival of the circus in Liege (Belgium, february 2005)
Special prize of the jury: 'coup de coeur du festival'
24th world festival of the ‘cirque de demain‘  (France, february 2003)



Cirque Français - Show "Passionnement" (France)
45 Anniversary of Cirque Educatif (France)
Christmas Shows - Circus Karl Borsberg (France)
Private Event under the big top of Monaco (Monte-Carlo)
Cirque Français - Show "Crescendo" (France)
Magic Colors Shows - Varitete Pegasus (Germany)
Cirque Français - Show "Fascinant" (France)
Opening night / inauguration - Club Med (Italy)
Private Event - Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione in Paris (France)
Osé Agency and other galas shows (France)
Atlantic Prod - Christmas Show (France)
Cruise Ship Serenade in Baltic sea - Silja Line Cimpany (Scandinavia)
Cirque Français - Show "Merveilles" (France)
Diners Shows (France)
Galas shows and Privates Events
Noël en Cirque - Show "Parade" (France)
Cruise Ship Symphony in Baltic Sea - Silja Line company (Scandinavia)
Shows Passion Cirque Tour (France)
International Circus Festival of "Les Mureaux" (France)
Festival of Magic Hall (France)
Circus Charlie Rivel (Spain)
Cirque Français - Show "Tradition" (France)
and other shows or private events (Luxembourg, Maroco)
Lido de Paris (France)
Arena Productions - Christmas Shows (France)
Xtrèm Productions - Inauguration (France)
Stardust Agency (Malta)
Show Acroville Tour (Saoudi Arabia)
Lido de Paris (France)
Christmas Shows - Circus Barum (Germany)
Cruise Ship Serenade in Baltic sea - Silja Line Cimpany (Scandinavia)
Private Event for Jaeger-LeCoultre (Suisse)
Gala Show (Belgium)
Casino Teater Geneva (Switzerland)
Lido de Paris (France)
Christmas Shows in Toulouse (France)
Cruise Ship Symphony in Baltic Sea - Silja Line company (Scandinavia)
Aerial Shows - Company "Les Farfadais" (Turquia)
Cirque de Glace (Danemark)
Sky Team Airlines (Saoudi Arabia)
Lido de Paris (France)
Circus Medrano (France)
Carrousel du Louvre - Agency Osé (France)
Wild Rose Productions - Ice Show (England)
Inauguration Show Room Porche (Saoudi Arabia)
Lido de Paris (France)
Impérial Shows - Christmas Shows (France)
Gerry Cottle’s Circus (England)
Casino Teater Geneva (Switzerland)
Le Bourget - Agency Osé (France)
Lido de Paris (France)
Circus Cardinali - Christmas Shows (Portugal)
Zenith of Nancy - Golden Circus Productions (France)
Gala Show Event for Election Miss Picardie (France)
Pavillon Baltard & La Cigale - Agency Osé (France)
Diner Show (Switzerland)
Lido de Paris (France)
Billy Smart’s Circus (England)
Lido de Paris (France)
Pommery Productions - Christmas Shows (France)
Billy Smart’s Circus (England)
Lido de Paris (France)
Nederlands Circus (England)
Circus Micheletty (France)
Normandie Spectacles (France)
Billy Smart’s Circus (Scotland)
Season Tour with Circus Médrano (France)


Parc de Bagatelle - Circus Imagine (France)
Casino of Deauville (France)
Les Spectacles du Monde (France)
Hotel Sofitel de Cannes, Espace Explora La Villette - Agency Osé (France)
Circus arts Festival of Rouen (France)
Christmas Shows - Gervais Klising (France)
International Circus Festival of Domont (France)
Circus Romanza (Germany)
Night Club Point de Vue (France)
Le Grand Rex (France)