Born in 1980,  this Breton from Quimper discovers the universe of circus at the age of 7,  during a family trip to the circus. Already dazzled by the magic of the circus, he really discovers his passion a year later when he takes part into an initiation training course on the arts of circus.  

Year after year, he perseveres, spends the best of his time training and soon performs a number of attractions. The decisive step will be his meeting with Desiré RECH, director, at that time, of the Amar Circus, who recognizes his passion and gives him the opportunity to accompany the circus in Vendée for their summer tour, despite the fact that he is only 14 years of age. 

During this first experience, he performs a juggling show and discovers the magical universe of the circus ring but also the other side of it: a life in rhythm with a lot of work. 



After a studying period in communication, cinema option, at the age of 16, he starts a circus school in Rennes, where, during 2 years, he learns acrobatics, dance, actors game and also of course aerial disciplines. He also does gymnastics in a Quimper club, complementary basis to the arts of circus. During his holidays, and for several years, Romain regularly joins family circus producing themselves locally. It is during this time that he meets the Dumas circus, the french circus, directed by Yolande BOURGUIGNON and the Gervais Klissing circus.

A warm relationship is built with these families who welcome him like their own son, give him some advices and guide him to this profession he is desperately hoping to do.

Stronger and stronger after these various ground experiences, his choice is comforted, his destiny open, he must pursue his aim…. This time, he enters the National school of circus Annie FRATELLINI in Paris, where for the 2 following years the russian teacher Sandy SUN and Sacha DOUBROSKY will teach him the aerial techniques and more precisely the one with fabrics. Final touch to the realisation of this performance, the work of the choreographer Florence DELAHAYE who will produce him.

Romain has been presenting for the last 20 years a true performance with aerial fabrics, a discipline rarely performed by a man. Discover his career and the different photographs of his performances…